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More about this human

Rochelle things is a place that shows a lot of things that I have made. Maker and Miniaturist, a human with a lengthy skill set and just wants to have their own makerspace to build and work. 


I really like to tinker and I grew up being obsessed with mundane items that was smaller that usual. It wasn't until a few years ago when I started to make items for my hamster to have in their habitat. From there I started to just make tiny furniture and saw there was a community of other folks that also like miniature things like me. 

Since then, I have moved to doing both miniatures and wood furniture. Currently honing on my woodworking skills to make more things.


Other things this human can do:

Product Photograhy

Graphic Design

Event Management 

Places this human has worked for:


Bang Zoom! Studios

Maker Studios

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